Episode 14: Two Guys and Five Guys

Andy and Ryen ring in the new semester discussing national, campus, and culinary news.  We discuss:

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Episode 13: Music and Macaroni

Andy and Miriam discuss what it’s like to be an out of state student at William & Mary and different ways to get involved with the College’s Music Department.

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Episode 12: Returning the Favor

The President of the Class of 2009, Kevin Dua, drops by the studio to discuss his latest endeavor– the Senior Class Gift.  He describes why you should donate, who you can donate to, and how you can go about doing so.

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Episode 11: Three’s Company

New!  We’re happy to announce that the William & Mary Powwow is now partnered with the DoG Street Journal, the College’s only daily online paper and monthly news magazine!

In this episode, Andy shares some exciting news with the help of Carrie and Jonna, Editors-in-Chief of the DoG Street Journal.

On this show, we cover:

  • a behind-the-scenes look at running one of the campus’ most prestigious publications
  • philosophies of journalism and new media
  • the new collaboration between the DoG Street Journal and Powwow
  • future plans for the show

Tune in and enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Episode 10: Freshening Up

Elizabeth reminds Andy of the freshman experience.

Topics include:

  • the trials and tribulations of Freshman Orientation
  • life in the Botetourt Complex
  • integrating with the William & Mary lifestyle
  • course registration
  • intramural sports and other activities
  • the joy of Wawa

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Episode 9: Juggling Rocks

Andy and Colleen negotiate the new year, which means juggling both books and knives.

Topics include:

And much more, as always!  Listen in!

Fall 2008 Teaser

There are many exciting episodes on the horizon for the Fall 2008 semester with the Powwow!  While we work on recording, editing, and producing shows, here are three different ways you can keep up with the show:

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Want to co-host an episode yourself?  Just send Andy an e-mail.

Episode 8: Blowing Off Steam

Andy and Ryen wrap up the year like they started it– with another episode of the Powwow!

Topics include:

  • The ups and downs of Finals Week
  • “Blowout” and last day of classes celebrations both past and present
  • The Literary and Cultural Studies program
  • Plans for the summer and next year

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Episode 7: Reading, Writing, and Wasting Time

Sam Sadler’s departure, the Writing Center, and English Honors Theses– Beth and Andy kick off the new semester on a literary note.

Episode 6: All About Ralph

Rachel tells Andy all about Mark Warner, Jo Ann Davis, and her summer internship.

Episode 5: Snap, Crackle, and Pop

Matt enlightens Andy on campus and city politics and recent happenings in town.

Episode 4: The Alarming Episode

Andy and Dan talk about speed reading, emergency preparedness, sleep habits, and even more!

Episode 3: Stand-Up Comedians

Mary and Andy discuss bike riding, ice skating, and YouTube fame, but cover deeper topics as well…

Episode 2: Construction to Destruction

Music on campus, Matoaka changes, site news, and more– Andy and Dustin cover all the bases.

Episode 1: New Podcast, New Town

Andy and Ryen discuss adjusting to a new school year, new developments around campus, and more.